Saturday, January 12, 2013


The music speaks to me of the ancient forests, the dank caverns, the dark halls where the lords of Xibalba dwell. The twisted electronica harmonies are simultaneously pre- and post-historic, durably ancient and disturbingly futuristoc, a fitting tribute to the end of this Great Cycle and the Great Rebirth to follow.
The Mayan Code is a deep exploration of how, as we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar, time and consciousness are accelerating, giving us a new understanding of the universe. Using Carl Johan Calleman’s research, as well as the ideas of other Mayan Calendar scholars, Barbara Hand Clow examines 16.4 billion years of evolution to decode the creative patterns of Earth the World Mind. These great patterns culminate in 2011, and then during 2012 major astrological influences will inspire us to attain oneness and enlightenment. The pictures do not even begin to show the beauty of these bracelets, they are awesome! Granddaughters all loved them. They were also packaged in cute boxes with silver ties. A great purchase!
Mayan Culture History

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